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A printable list of all our services & corresponding forms can be found here.


Annual dues are $50.00/year and includes a subscription to The Angle subscription. Junior memberships are a one-time fee of $25 and are open to anyone under 21 years of age.

Animal Registration

Registration assists our breeders in keeping records of each herd’s lineage. Registered cattle values increase with complete records, pedigree information and genetic information.

Due to an increased interest in Milking Shorthorns in the show ring, registered Milking Shorthorns can be shown at any five of our national shows (six national junior shows) and many regional, state or local shows.


Each dairy breed has established breed standards for type. Classification is the means of measuring how close an animal comes to the ideal. Like all things, classification has evolved over the years as breed goals and the environment in which the cow lives change.

Classification is performed by a small group of well-trained individuals who meet on a regular basis to ensure the quality and uniformity of the program.

Classifying has two primary purposes—breeding and marketing.

  • As a breeding tool, the breeder can look at the linear scores to see where his cow needs improvement and select matings accordingly. The linear scores from each daughter goes into the UDSA sire summary information and describe the type traits of a bull’s offspring.
  • As a marketing tool, the breakdowns and final score appear on pedigrees and in advertising. The final score is used the most to promote the animal and her offspring with the mammary breakdown score the second most used classification score in advertising.
    American Milking Shorthorn Society & Holstein Association USA Partner For A Multi-Breed Classification Program
2023 Classification Schedule | View

Bulls & Semen

Each year we produce a Bull Book that features all collected bulls, in some form, available to maximize the genetic diversity and potential in your herd. We printed our first issue in 2015 and it was a resounding success. All bulls must be registered with the AMSS (GE, GR, G1, G12, EXP or Full Herdbook), have a proper NAAB code, be DNA tested, and have available semen. The Bull Book will have a variety of different marketing opportunities for you to promote your genetics. The size of a page will be approximately 4.25 X 5.5 inches. The cost for advertising will be as follows: 1 Bull = $110, 2 or more Bulls $85 per page. See the links below for more information.

DNA & Genomics

AMSS in partnership with ST Genetics offer a genomic testing program to its membership. The genomic testing will go toward building the Milking Shorthorn base. The test results will include the genomic breeding values for production, linear and health traits, as well as, Kappa Casein, Beta Casein, Beta Lactoglobulin, BLAD, Fishy, DUMPS, Dominant Red, Citrullinemia, SDM, SMA, CVM, Brachy, HCD, and finally all haplotypes found in other breeds.

Review how to take an adequate DNA sample (blood, tissue, or hair) here.

One goal of building the Milking Shorthorn Genomic base is to provide parentage verification, but that ability is limited, until we get more animals tested. For the time being, DNA testing is still required for Parentage Verification.

Testing for Polled is not offered on this test. UC Davis offers Beta Casein and Polled testing here.


Junior contests, awards, and scholarships can be found on the Junior Page.

All award applications are due by April 15. A list and description of all awards can be viewed here. Entry forms are below and can be requested from the AMSS office as well.

All-American & Futurity

The All-American Program recognizes the outstanding animals exhibited at state, regional, and national shows during the calendar year. Please view the links below for more information and to apply.

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